Helen & Steve: “Even more exquisite than I’d imagined”

With her cousin Steve’s 60th birthday fast approaching, Helen wanted to give him “something unique and special.” She commissioned a Bundle of Memories so that she could include stories from herself, her husband and their three kids. “It turned out to be the perfect gift,” Helen said. “Claire talked me through the process and asked some guiding questions, then approached my family members via email for their contributions. The resulting book was even more exquisite than I’d imagined—and Steve absolutely loved it, especially the personalized family memories and the beautiful line drawings.”

For Steve, the book was “one of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. Its themes, quotes, anecdotes, and drawings all have special meaning to me. It brought back warm memories from the past of friends and family that I can relive again whenever I read it.”

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