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Imagine holding a beautiful book filled with heartfelt memories from your closest friends and family. You laugh at some of the stories, cry at others. You cherish the images, drawn especially for you, that capture these special moments. Now imagine giving this gift to someone you love: allowing them to feel just as deeply seen and appreciated for who they are.

A Celebration Story invites you to pause and celebrate your loved ones the way we all want to be celebrated: thoughtfully and with heart. When you commission a Celebration Story, the personalized questions I ask will allow you to walk down memory lane while reflecting on your fondest moments with your loved one. Then you get to turn over the hard work to me: I will take your stories and craft them into a hand-bound memory book with original drawings and themes tailored to your loved one. More than a collection of memories, a Celebration Story tells the story of who a person is.

Convinced this is the right gift for your loved one? Commission a book now. Want to learn more about how the process works? Read on below.

The Process

I want to help you experience the joy of giving your loved one a present they will treasure forever. That’s why I go the extra mile to make sure that each Celebration Story is exactly what you want it to be. Here’s what the process looks like.

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    We Talk

    Choose and pay for the book that you love, and I’ll contact you within 48 hours to set up our initial consultation. Or, if you still have questions, contact me to set up a consultation free of charge. We’ll talk about your needs, vision, and ideal timeline. You can ask any questions and decide whether you’d like to commission a book.

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    I Gather Memories

    Once you commission a Celebration Story, I reach out to participating friends and family with personalized questions and follow up with them as needed. I do so mostly by email, because this gives people the time to reflect and write meaningful answers. However, I can accommodate anybody’s technology preferences by interviewing them over the phone or having them write a letter.

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    I Create and You Enjoy

    Once I’ve gathered everyone’s memories, I edit and curate them to best fit your vision for the book. Then I consult with my artistic partner, Ian, whose original illustrations capture the memories shared. Finally, I hand-bind the text and drawings into a unique book and send it to you for you and your loved ones to enjoy — forever.

Find out more about the different pricing levels here. If you still have questions, read these Frequently Asked Questions or contact me to set up a free consultation.