“Owl Always Love You”: A Punny Birthday Book

Jesse was always supporting his friends and family, but his partner, Karina, felt like he rarely got the chance to feel appreciated and loved for who he was. So Karina set out to give him a birthday gift that would show him just how worthy of celebration he was. She commissioned a Pocketful of Love, an adorable pocket-sized book filled with heartfelt words and drawings from a loved one.

Our conversations and Karina’s written reflections revealed Jesse’s fun-loving spirit and goofy sense of humor. When Karina mentioned that Jesse loved puns, a theme for the book was born.

Between silly animal puns and quirky drawings, Karina shared tender stories from their relationship and reflected on how Jesse touched people’s lives.

Because Jesse is a beer connoisseur, I bound the book in beer-themed paper…

…And even wrapped the book with an homage to his favorite brewery, New Belgium!

When Jesse opened his gift, says Karina, “We were able to read the book together and share in the experience of the gift. I love how Claire wove my words into a book and made it feel like a well-written version of what my heart was saying.”

Says Jesse, “I was blown away by the quality of my Celebration Story and the love it shows, from my partner’s words to the way that Claire beautifully conveyed them through words and pictures. Even the book was lovingly crafted, with wonderful details that I discover on each new reading.”

Karina says, “It felt like the most meaningful gift I’ve ever given!” And Jesse agrees: “It was one of the best gifts I have ever received, and I will treasure it forever.”

But Jesse has a warning for any would-be book-givers. “Be careful giving a Celebration Story to a loved one—you will have a hard time topping it in the future!”

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